all about my Babywearing Educator Journey


2017 WEAR/MommyCon Chicago

Attended 2016 Bond Conference New York City + 2016 WEAR Chicago

Member of BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance)

+ Insured


Member of Babywearing Network Germany ( Tragenetzwerk)

2016– Training first emotional AID for parents (Erste Emotionale Hilfe, FTZ-Babytragen Mainz)

2015 Education — Carrier optimazation ( Tragenetzwerk)

2015 Certified pregnancy support wrapping — Babywearing School FTZB Mainz ( FTZ-Babytragen Mainz)

2012 Certified Babywearing Consultant – Babywearing School Dresden (Trageschule Dresden, Foundation + Advanced)

1999 Certified Adult trainer (IHK Berlin)




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